2012-2013 Year

Schedule for 2012-2013 Year 

No           Topic    Place     Arrival Departure
 1What is living the Teachings ?
J. Krishnamurti in daily life
 Pune, MH
 7 July 2012    
11 July 2012
 2What is relationship?
Action and Relationship
4 Aug 2012     
 8 Aug 2012

What will make us change?
Mutation of the human brain
Panchgani, MHSaturday 
1 Sept 2012
5 Sept 2012
 4 What is the power of now?
 Living in the present    
Panchgani, MH         Friday      
26 Oct 2012  
30 Oct 2012
 5* What is Meditation?
 Krishnamurti on Meditation
Nasik ,MHSaturday
17 Nov 2012
21 Nov 2012
 6 What is Creativity?
 Creativity in daily life
 Pune,MH Saturday    
15 Dec 2012
19 Dec 2012
 7Is there a completely different way of living? Mumbai, MH Saturday    
12 Jan 2013
13 Jan 2013
 8 What is the art of living?
 A Holistic Way of living
 Pune,MH Sunday
10 Feb 2013
14 Feb 2013
 9 What is consciousness?
 The crisis in consciousness
 Panchgani,MH Friday
01 Mar 2013
05 Mar 2013

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* Note: The interactive sessions in the workshops marked with * will be conducted in Marathi language. All the other workshops will be in English. However, depending upon the majority of the participants, Hindi and/or Marathi languages may also be used occasionally in the English workshops.