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2012 Workshops

July 2012 - March 2013 Workshops

Krishnamurti Education Trust is happy to announce its annual schedule of monthly study workshops for the period July 2012 – March 2013. You are most welcome to participate in one or more of this series of workshops.

It is a unique opportunity to study the ‘Teachings’ intensively around various themes together with the similarly interested persons. The participants are not rushed through a chain of events but have a very relaxed daily routine giving them ample time and leisure to be with themselves, to reflect upon their own lives, to go for long walks, to observe nature and to interact with one another. An atmosphere of enquiry, friendship and freedom pervades throughout the workshops. The programme includes silent time, screening of J. Krishnamurti’s video talks, group dialogues, nature walks and self-study periods. The whole programme is in English; however the participants can also use Hindi or Marathi during group dialogues to express their views or any other language during interaction with the other fellow participants. Selected passages from Krishnamurti’s works are recommended to the participants for self-study periods according to the respective themes of the workshops.

Schedule for 2012-2013 Year 

No           Topic    Place     Arrival Departure
 1What is living the Teachings ?
J. Krishnamurti in daily life
 Pune, MH
 7 July 2012    
11 July 2012
 2What is relationship?
Action and Relationship
4 Aug 2012     
 8 Aug 2012

What will make us change?
Mutation of the human brain
Panchgani, MHSaturday 
1 Sept 2012
5 Sept 2012
 4 What is the power of now?
 Living in the present    
Panchgani, MH         Friday      
26 Oct 2012  
30 Oct 2012
 5 What is Creativity? 
 Creativity in Daily Life
 Pune ,MHSaturday
17 Nov 2012
21 Nov 2012
 6* What is Meditation
 Krishnamurti on Meditation
 Nasik, MHFriday    
14 Dec 2012
18 Dec 2012
 7 Is there a completely different way of living? Mumbai, MH Saturday    
12 Jan 2013
13 Jan 2013
 8 What is the art of living?
 A Holistic Way of living
 Pune,MH Sunday
10 Feb 2013
14 Feb 2013
 9 What is consciousness?
 The crisis in consciousness
 Panchgani,MH Friday
01 Mar 2013
05 Mar 2013

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* Note: The interactive sessions in the workshops marked with * will be conducted in Marathi language. All the other workshops will be in English. However, depending upon the majority of the participants, Hindi and/or Marathi languages may also be used occasionally in the English workshops