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January 2013 Workshop

Krishnamurti Study Workshop
Organised by
Krishnamurti Education Trust

Topic: Is there a completely different way of living?

Dates: Saturday, January 12, 2013 — Sunday, January 13, 2013
Omega Meeting Hall, 3rd Floor, New Wing,
Antonio D'silva High School
Near Hanuman Temple, S. K. Bole Road,
Dadar (West), Mumbai – 400028, Maharashtra.

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“Is there a way of living our daily life that is entirely different from what it normally is? We all know the usual. Is there a way of living without any control, without any conflict, without a disciplinary conformity? How do I find out? I can only find out when my whole mind is facing exactly what is happening now. This means I can only find out what it means to live without conflict, when what is happening now can be observed. This observation is not an intellectual or emotional affair but the acute, clear, sharp perception in which there is no duality. There is only the actual and nothing else.”
- J. Krishnamurti


We live a mechanical, conditioned life. The daily routine, boredom, problems in relationships, conflicts, tensions at home and at working place, constant pursuit of pleasure, struggle for achievement, all this interspersed with occasional joys and moments of happiness seems to be our daily life. Is this all life is about? Are we happy the way we are living? If not, then what are we doing with our life?  Is there a way of living which is completely different from that described above? How does one find out? What is the deeper significance of life? What is the purpose of human life? Can it be realized in our daily life and not remain just as an intellectual concept? A journey of exploration into our own daily life and the possibilities beyond will be taken up in this workshop. If you are not happy the way you are living and want to explore the possibility of a deep radical change, you are welcome for this workshop. This workshop does not promise change but invites you to join the exploration into the depths and expanses of human life.  Although the teachings of J. Krishnamurtiwill be the basis, its prior knowledge is not required to participate in this workshop. The approach will be based on understanding of our daily existence leading to the findings of J. Krishnamurti.

Registration Fees:

Interested persons can participate only as day-participants. The registration fees are as given below:
Rs. 1,200/- per person for the entire workshop which includes the cost of food and the stationery.
Rs. 700/- per day per person which includes the cost of food for that day and the stationery.


Valid for Saturday, January 12, 2013 and Sunday, January 13, 2013
08:30 – 09:00           Registration of the participants.
09:00 – 09:30           Breakfast and Tea
09:30 – 11:00           Interactive Session in English – 1
11:00 – 11:30           Coffee Time
11:30 – 13:00           Video Show of J. Krishnamurti’s Talks / Dialogues (English)
13:00 – 14:00           Lunch
14:00 – 15:30           Interactive Session in English – 2

To register your name for the workshop…
Contact Shri Kishore Khairnar           Mobile: +91 9822600541
keducationtrust@gmail.com       Website: www.keducationtrust.org


1. These workshops are conducted by Krishnamurti Education Trust which is a non-commercial, non-political and non-governmental organisation founded to disseminate J. Krishnamurti’s Teaching and his unique educational approach based on it. It is more a movement than a structure distinct from other Krishnamurti Organisations.
2. There are no pre-conditions to attend the workshop. A person may or may not have read Krishnamurti. There is no selection process. Persons of any caste, religion, nationality, race and culture can participate.
3. The workshop will be conducted in English. However, depending on the inclination of the participants, Marathi and Hindi may also be used occasionally during the interactive sessions. Video Shows will be held in English only.
4. To participate in this workshop, one needs to register one’s name by filling up the attached registration form and paying the corresponding registration fee. Please ask for the document: ‘Modes of payment of registration fee’ to know the various ways the registration fee can be paid.
5. Antonio D'silva High School is located on S. K. Bole Road about 10 minutes walk from the Dadar (West) Railway Station. It is close to Kabutarkhana and near the Hanuman Temple. (Please refer to the map attached). There is plenty of parking space in the school ground. The Omega Hall is on the third floor of the new wing where the lift is available. The hall is air-conditioned and has comfortable seats.
6. The participants are required to arrange their own transport for reaching the place of workshop or commuting between their place of residence in Mumbai and the place of workshop.
7. Simple vegetarian food cooked in Maharashtrian style will be served for meals.
8. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs and eating of non-vegetarian food is not permitted during the workshop.
9. The workshop is organized on no-profit no-loss basis. The registration fee is charged to cover the cost of hiring of the premises to conduct the workshop sessions, meals provided to the participants, the stationery provided to each participant and other incidental expenses incurred in organizing the workshop.
10. The participants are welcome to make donations to Krishnamurti Education Trust to help support its work.

Registration Form             

Telephone No:
Mobile No:
Date of Birth:
Educational Qualification:
Registration for (Please tick your choice):
Day-1   (12th January 2013)
Day-2   (13th January 2013)
Day-1&2 (12th & 13th January 2013)
Mode of Payment:        Cash / Cheque / Transfer to KET Bank A/c

Please mail or sms the above information to:
Mr. Kishore Khairnar, Krishnamurti Education Trust (KET)


+91 9822600541


Note: If you have filled up this form for any of the workshops organised by KET in the past, you do not have to fill it up again unless you want to change the information provided earlier.