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Workshop 5 (Nov 2011)

Integrating Education ? What is Right Education?

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“Though there is a higher and wider significance to life, of what value is our education if we never discover it? We may
be highly educated, but if we are without deep integration of thought and feeling, our lives are incomplete, contradictory and torn with many fears; and as long as education does not cultivate an integrated outlook on life, it has very little significance.” - J. Krishnamurti

Venue      Panchagani, Maharashtra
Dates       Nov 3  - Nov 7 2011

We welcome your participation at the workshop jointly organized by Krishnamurti Education Trust and Sanjeevan Vidyalaya Trust. All teachers, parents, educators, researchers, would be teachers and anybody interested in education are welcome to participate.

Main purpose of education is integration—that is breaking down the barriers between self and man, man and
man, man and the environment around including Nature.

Can we, therefore, initiate a movement create to working educational modulus based on the recommendation incorporated in “Learning—Treasure within”, a report to UNESCO of the International Commission Education for the 21st Century under the Chairmanship of Jacques Delors.

A school should be able to demonstrate a sustainable community with living and learning cells based on the following four pillars of Education as expected in the report mentioned above:
a) Learning to live together.
b) Learning to know.
c) Learning to do.
d) Learning to be.


The present day education divides human beings as it is based on comparison, competition. It is focused on
developing a student as an exclusive, separate entity. This creates division within the student which in turn causes divisions in the human society. Divisions based on nationality, religion, race, language, culture, as though were not enough that economical disparity has become another factor of division. Fee-based education has created divisions among the students. The days of economically poor and rich students studying together seem to
be over. This rift in the status in schools grows further and causes much larger divisions in the society when students come out of the schools and start living their own life. The economic division seems to be overpowering all other types of divisions. Is there a way of educating which will integrate the human being first within himself and then with other human beings, with nature and with everything around him? Can there be education which will
help develop the student into an integrated personality rather than make him exclusively separate and fragmented
person? Is every human being unique? Where does that uniqueness lie? Can education nurture that uniqueness without isolating the individual from the rest?

The purpose of this residential workshop is to come together and attempt to understand all such and more questions and to explore the possibility of their solutions and implementation of those solutions. The workshop will not only consider the philosophical and theoretical angle of these questions but will also consider the day to day implementation of these. A book by J. Krishnamurti will be used as a reference study material for this workshop. The programme includes silence sessions, lectures by resource persons, group dialogues, panel discussion, evening walks and screening of video recordings of Krishnamurti’s talks/dialogues.

Although the workshop will be held in English, participants may use English, Hindi and Marathi for interactive discussions during the workshop. .


The gathering will take place in the picturesque campus of Sanjeewan Vidyalaya located in the Panchgani Hill Station in Maharashtra. The landscape and the climate make for an ideal place for retreat and inward exploration.

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Participants will be accommodated in the students’ dormitories of Sanjeewan Vidyalaya located in the senior school campus. Each dormitory has 12 standard bunk beds accommodating 24 persons and a cluster of 3 toilets (2 Indian and 1 western style) and 2 bathrooms and a set of washbasins attached to it. 
Men and women will be accommodated in separate dormitories. 

The dormitories are furnished with cupboards, tables and chairs. Bedding will be provided. Hot water for bath will be available. Groups can be accommodated together if they so request at the time of registration. Aged persons will get priority in allocating the lower beds.

Wholesome vegetarian food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Tea, coffee and snacks will also be served.

Climate at Panchgani is moderately cold  in November with average day temperatures around 16oC. Warm clothing is recommended for the workshop participants.

Participants are expected to:
Arrive : Thursday  3rd  Nov [any time]
Depart: Monday , 7th May   [After Breakfast]

Panchgani, is a small hill-station in the 
State of Maharashtra–India, about 100 
km, South-West of Pune. This mountain 
resort is 1,259 meters. above mean 
sea level on one of the ranges of the 
Sahyadris. It is only 20 km from 
Mahabaleshwar, 270 km from 
Mumbai via Pune and 266 km via 
Mahad. The closest airport is at Pune, 98 km from Panchgani. The nearest 
railway station Wathar is at 45 km. It is convenient to come to Panchgani 
via Pune. There are regular buses, taxi services and car rentals between 
Mumbai and Panchgani. The campus of the Sanjeewan Vidyalaya is about 
1.5 km away from the Panchgani township and easily accessible by local 
taxis and auto rikshaws.

A non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 2,800/- includes food, accommodation, and stationery for study. The fee

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will be non-refundable after registration but is transferrable to another individual.It will be refunded if your name is not registered because of lack of space. The registration fee may be paid by Cheque/Demand Draft or by direct deposit in a bank. For further details please contact us. For further information on this please get in touch with the contact person.The fee should be accompanied by the registration form duly filled in. The confirmation of registration will be done by telephone and/or e-mail on receipt of the payment. Please note that no extra stay will be possible in the school campus either before or after the gathering.

Registration form can be found here.

Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs and
eating of non-vegetarian food is not permitted during the gathering.

Accommodation in a Guest House about 5 kms. away from the school can be arranged on request. 
The charges for the room: 
Double occupancy: Rs.5,500 per person 
Single occupancy : Rs.7,570 per person. 
The charges include food, accommodation and transport between the guest house and the school for the entire period of the gathering.

Few concessions for very needy persons are available only in dormitory type of accommodation. However it is suggested that participants should first confirm the availability of concession before asking for it.

Since the gathering is being organised on a no profit and no loss basis, the registration fee has been kept as low as possible. In such a situation a shortfall of funds is inevitable. The participants are welcome to contribute
more to meet such a shortfall.

  • Suggested Checklist:
  • Walking shoes
  • Torchlight
  • Mosquito repellant
  • A light shawl
  • Soaps
  • Towels 
  • Warm Clothing ( shawls, sweaters, caps , mufflers)
and other items of their personal use.