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Workshop 4 (Sep 2011)

Religious mind in the technological age

September Workshop

Venue       Panhala Fort Resort, Kolhapur
Dates       September 9 - September 13 , 2011

(Please note change in venue from Hyderabad to Kolhapur)

We welcome your participation at the workshop.


“A religious mind is free of the past; a religious mind is free of time, because time belongs to the positive and negative reactions. So a religious mind is a mind that is capable of thinking precisely, not in terms of negative and positive. Therefore, such a religious mind has within it the scientific mind, but the scientific mind does not have the religious mind in it. The religious mind contains the scientific mind; but the scientific mind cannot
contain the religious mind, because that is based on time, on knowledge, on achievement, success, utilization.”
- J. Krishnamurti

Most of the major religions in the world are based on belief, faith and sentimentality. They demand faith in some concepts, ideas and are not open to investigation. They are based on fear and exploit constant human search for security. Their concept of god is more a result of faith than the actual experiencing of the reality of god. This has given rise to many foolish ideas, meaningless rituals and traditions. But by questioning all these, the science has struck at the very roots of traditional religiosity. The scientific conclusions based on accurate observations, precise measurements, constant verification through experiments, have rendered all the old religious beliefs meaningless. 
  • Is there any place for religion in the present modern, technological age? 
  • Can a scientific mind be also religious? Instead of man-made religions which are based on fear and faith, can there be a natural basis for religiosity which is not invented by thought but is a consequence of natural order? 
  • Do the morality and ethical values exist objectively in nature or they are merely subjective ideas formulated by human mind out of its own blind beliefs, faiths and traditions? 
  • What does religion mean in our daily life? Is there a permanent psychological security for human beings?
  • What is the difference between man-made laws and natural laws? 
All such questions and more will be explored in this workshop.


The workshop will be conducted at the Panhala Fort Resort in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.


The accommodation provided will be moderately furnished single and double-bed rooms 
Participants can mention their own personal requirements in advance for making necessary arrangements.

Wholesome vegetarian food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Morning/Afternoon tea is also served.


The participants will be picked up in a group from railway stations or bus stations and brought to the venue of the
workshops on the date of arrival. They are dropped at the same place on the date of departure. Individual transport to the venue of the workshop can be arranged and will be charged separately. You can also reach the workshop venue on your own. Please ask for the directions after registering for the workshop. 

Workshop begins at 18:30 hours on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 hours on the day of departure. The participants are expected to plan their travel accordingly.

Exact transport arrangement will be informed to the registered participants.

Arrive : Friday  - Sept 9. 2011
Depart: Tuesday - Sept 13. 2011


Rs. 5,500 per person : double room type accommodation ( two persons sharing a room)
Rs. 7,500 per person : single room type accommodation

The registration fee includes lodging, boarding, stationery and one pickup (in a group) and drop-off. After registration, the fee will be non-refundable and can be transferred to another person only once.

To register for the workshop either:
1.  Send Money Order/ Demand Draft payable to Krishnamurti Education Trust at:
 The Secretary - Krishnamurti Education Trust
 104/11, Ankur, DSK Raanwara, Bavdhan, Taluka Mulshi, 
District Pune 412111, Maharashtra, India
2. Net Banking or directly depositing the funds in Krishnamurti Education Trust Bank Account

Please include completed registration form with your registration.
A separate form is needed for each person.

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Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs and
eating of non-vegetarian food is not permitted during the gathering.


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