Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I attend a workshop? If you are interested in understanding deeper significance of life, if you want to learn about yourself and live your life out of that understanding rather than blindly following the patterns setup by society through tradition, education and other social norms, if you want to live intelligently,at peace with others and also discover something beyond the bourgeois, boring daily, routine existence, then these workshops are for persons like you.
  2. Who can attend these workshops? Are there any prerequisites? 
  3. Anybody interested as above can attend these workshops irrespective of cast, creed,religion, nationality, racial and economical differences. There are no prerequisites in order to attend these workshops. Both men and women can attend these workshops. There is no upper age limit. However the lower age limit is 16+ years. Special workshops are organized for age groups below 16 years of age.
  4. I have not read J. Krishnamurti at all. I do not know who he was and what he talked about.Yet the themes of the workshops appear interesting to me. Can I still participate?  Yes, certainly you can. There is no need to know Krishnamurti or what he said in order to participate. You will get introduced to that during the course of the workshop. The workshop does not begin from what Krishnamurti has said but starts from the very real situations and problems of our daily life. As Krishnamurti himself had suggested: ‘Begin from where you are’, these workshops take off from where we are and eventually end up with what Krishnamurti had been talking about.
  5. I have been studying Krishnamurti for the past several decades. In what way can the workshop benefit me? Answer:In these workshops though the exploration begins at the daily life situations, it goes much deeper and further leading to an unfolding of understanding which is usually difficult to reach while studying alone. The constant interaction with the fellow participants and exploration together with them greatly accelerates such unfoldment. Again, as Krishnamurti says, one can learn about oneself only through one’s relationship with others; these workshops give ample opportunity for this kind of learning.
  6. Will video recordings of Krishnamurti's talks/dialogues be shown during the workshop? Answer:Yes
  7. The charges for the workshop appear high to me. Can I get any concessions? Answer: These workshops are organized on no-profit no-loss basis and the charges are calculated by taking into account all the expenses incurred in organizing these workshops. Therefore concessions are possible only if somebody sponsors a participant. The Krishnamurti Education Trust will certainly be approaching some of its friends for such sponsorship. The extent and number of concessions will depend on the funds received through such sponsorship. If you do need a concession in charges, please write to us giving the extent of concession required and we shall get back to you as soon as we are in a position to offer such concession in charges.
  8. I have registered for a particular workshop by paying full registration fee. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to attend the workshop. Will my registration fee be refunded to me? Answer: The registration fee once paid is non-refundable. However, it is transferable to another person or another workshop only once. This means that, if you are unable to attend the workshop you have registered for, you can send another person in your place for the same workshop and collect your registration fee from him, or you can sponsor that person for that workshop. If you are unable to get such a person, you can get your fee transferred to another workshop as per your convenience. However the transfer of registration to another workshop will be subject to availability of place in that workshop. Therefore you should give multiple choices for such transfer. If you have been given concession in registration fee, the concession is non-transferable to another person but transferable to another workshop for the same person.
  9. Is there a selection process for workshop participants? Answer: The participants for workshop are not selected but are just accepted on the first-come first-served basis. Since the availability of places in these workshops is limited, you should register for the workshop of your choice well in advance to ensure your place. However, since the fee is nonrefundable, you should register only when you have made up your mind about attending the workshop.
  10. My English is not good. Is it possible to participate in an English workshop? Answer: People usually have difficulty in expressing themselves in English but they can understand what the others are speaking. Such people have a choice of using Hindi/Marathi to express themselves which will be translated into English for other participants. But if you do not know English at all, separate sessions in Hindi/Marathi in the given workshop are possible only if there is sufficient number of participants requiring such sessions. Otherwise you have a choice of opting for special workshops in Hindi/Marathi on some other dates provided you are able to gather 15-20 similarly interested participants.
  11. I am unable to participate entire workshop. Is it possible to attend only a few days? What charges will I incur for partial workshop? Answer:You can attend the workshop partially if there is a vacancy; because priority is given to those who want to attend the workshop fully. In case there is a vacancy and we are able to accommodate you, the charges will be calculated on pro rata basis
  12. I am a local participant not needing accommodation. What are the charges for day-participant? Answer:You can attend the workshop as a day participant. The charges will depend on whether you need meals facility or you are going to bring your own food. For the exact amount of charges,you have to contact the organizers of the workshops at the time of that particular workshop.

“This whole enquiry is really a profound meditation, not sitting cross legged and doing all kinds of
silly stuff. Because then in this total ending creation takes place. Then there is really an
extraordinary sense of tremendous passion and energy, which is not a reward.”
- J. Krishnamurti