About The Study Workshops


The schedule above indicates only the regular monthly workshops organised by Krishnamurti Education Centre. The first column gives the workshop identification number and the name of the city where that workshop will be held. The second column gives the theme for the workshop. The third column mentions the dates on which the workshop programmes will be held. All these are Saturdays and Sundays. The last column mentions whether the workshop is residential or day or both and the language of dialogues during the workshop. Apart from these, KEC may organise additional workshops of various durations in Pune and other cities, the information about which will be circulated among the interested friends and will also be put on KEC website from time to time. People can participate in any or all of these workshops as per their convenience.

These workshops offer a unique opportunity of self-exploration through intensive study of the ‘Teachings’ around various themes together with the similarly interested persons. There are no preconditions to attend the workshops. A person may or may not have read Krishnamurti. Exploration of the theme begins in the context of daily life situation - that is where we are and a factual enquiry into the theme eventually leads to the perceptions of J. Krishnamurti. The dialogues and enquiry are carried out in an atmosphere of exploration, friendship and freedom during the workshops. The programme consists of three sessions of one and half hours each per day out of which one session is for screening of J. Krishnamurti’s video recordings and two sessions are interactive. The whole programme is in English; however Hindi and/or Marathi is also offered as a second language of communication for those who understand but have difficulty in speaking English. Selected passages from Krishnamurti’s works are recommended to the participants as a reading material according to the respective themes of the workshops. However the participants are free to read any book of their choice at the study centre library or at their homes.


Residential workshops on demand for groups of 6 persons or day workshops for 6 to 60 interested persons can be organised in English, Marathi or Hindi around various themes of interest on different dates. In such workshops the participant groups will have freedom to choose: 1. Their own participants (e.g. institutions/companies choosing from their own staff), 2. Venue of the workshop (which could be in different cities), 3. Dates of the workshops (should be different from those mentioned in this circular), 4. Language for interactive sessions of the workshops (English/Hindi/Marathi), 5. Duration of the workshop (could be 1, 2, 3 or more days), 6. Themes of the workshops, and even 7. The contents of the programme during the workshop. Workshops for teachers, students and corporate staff can also be organised separately; e.g. a school can request for a workshop at its own site for its own group of teachers/students on the themes related to education. A company can request for a workshop at different sites for its own staff around the themes like self-improvement and change. Colleges and Universities can request for a study workshop for their own group of students around the themes of their own interests. For organising these workshops on demand, please contact Mr Kishore Khairnar.


A typical schedule of the 2-day programme of residential workshops looks like as given below:

Day 1:

11:30 – 13:00      1st interactive session with the facilitator
14:30 – 16:00      1st video of J. Krishnamurti
16:30 – 18:00      2nd interactive session with the facilitator

Day 2:

09:30 – 11:00     3rd interactive session with the facilitator
11:30 – 13:00     2nd video of J. Krishnamurti
14:30 – 16:00     4th interactive session with the facilitator

A typical schedule of day only workshops is like that of day 2 above on both the days.


All the residential workshops at Pune will be held in the KEC study centre at Dehu as specified in the schedule. The full address for the centre at Dehu is: 
Krishnamurti Education Centre, 
"Krishna Vihar", House No. 225, Shinde Traders Building, 
Mahadwar Chowk, At Post Dehugaon – 412109, Taluka Haveli, 
District Pune, Maharashtra, India. 
The centre at Dehu is located in the house of Shinde Brothers near the Saint Tukaram Birth-Place Temple. Rooms in the centre are spacious and moderately furnished. Two or three participants share a room. Each room has its own toilet/bathroom unit attached to it. The rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses and cupboards. The windows are fitted with sliding fine wire-mesh panels to prevent the entry of mosquitoes. Men and women in groups of three will be accommodated separately. The venue for the residential workshops at Hyderabad is the picturesque campus of the Jiddu Krishnamurti Retreat Centre at Naimisam. It is located about 35 kms from Hyderabad at Kondapur Village, Ghatkesar, an hour's journey from Hyderabad. The serene 25-acre campus is surrounded by hillocks and farm lands. It houses a collection of Krishnamurti’s works and a general library. Facilities are available for individual study and viewing of videos. There are also corresponding retreat facilities in the form of guest cottages, dormitory and a kitchen. The full address is: 
Naimiśam (Jiddu Krishnamurti Centre),
Kondapur Village, Ghatkesar - 501301, Telangana, India. 
Phone: +91- 9959542375. Email: arijitray77@gmail.com 


Simple vegetarian food cooked in Indian style will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meal timings for residential workshops look like as given below:

07:00 – 07:30 Morning tea 
09:00 – 09:30 Morning breakfast 
11:00 – 11:30 Tea or Coffee 
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch 
16:00 – 16:30 Tea 
20:00 – 21:00 Dinner. 


The resident participants may arrive at the venue a day before the starting day of the workshop. e.g. The workshop in June starts on 29th June; therefore the resident participants may arrive by the evening of 28th June. Or they can arrive on 29th June before 11 AM. The day participants are expected to reach the venue on the programme dates at least half an hour before the start of the programme. The participants are expected to make their own travel/local conveyance arrangement to reach the venue of the workshops. No pickup/drop arrangement will be provided by KEC. The registered participants can ask for the document: How to reach the venue of the workshops.


Each person wanting to attend these workshops is required to fill up the registration form accompanied with this circular and send/mail/sms it to KEC at the contact information given in this website. However if you have already filled up such a form in the past for any of the workshops organised by KEC, you do not have to fill it again unless you want to change the information provided in the previous registration form.

All these workshops are organised on no-profit and no-loss basis. The contributions are calculated on the basis of estimated expenditure on each workshop. However there is always a possibility of estimations going wrong and eventual loss. Participants are therefore welcome to make donations (in addition to contribution) to meet such losses. Each resident participant is expected to contribute ₹ 1,900 to meet his expenses towards lodging, boarding and stationery for the entire period of workshop. The corresponding contribution for the day participants is ₹ 550 per day per person or ₹ 1,000 per person for the entire workshop.  

Concessions and waivers in contributions are possible subject to availability of sponsors. You may contact Mr. Kishore Khairnar if you need concession or if you want to sponsor a participant.

The contributions once paid are non-refundable except when the particular workshop for which the contribution is paid gets cancelled or the name of the participant does not get registered for the lack of space. The contribution is however transferable to another participant for the same workshop or another workshop for the same participant only once.

Contributions may be paid directly into the bank account of the Centre as per the following information. Krishnamurti Education Centre has its bank account & the details of the same are as follows
Bank of Maharashtra, Bavdhan Branch, Pune – 411021. Branch Code: 1385, IFSC Code: MAHB0001385, Account Name: Krishnamurti Education Centre, Account Number: 60330738251, Account Type: Savings Bank Account. 
After making such a contribution please send us the following information by e-mail or sms. Name of the contributor/donor, date of deposition, nature of transaction (Cash/Cheque/NEFT or RTGS transfer). The payment will be acknowledged as soon as we receive the confirmation from the above bank.

The contributions can also be paid to Krishnamurti Education Centre on the day of arrival at the venue of the workshop by cash or by cheque payable at par or by demand draft payable to Krishnamurti Education Centre at Pune along with the registration form duly filled in. You can register for more than one workshop by paying the corresponding amount of contribution. 


Extra stay at the centres in Pune and Hyderabad is possible both before and after the workshop. The participants are required to make additional contribution at the rate of ₹ 550 per person per day to meet the cost of their lodging and boarding. Interested persons wanting to pursue the study of Krishnamurti in groups of six or more by staying and using the facilities at the centre at any time different from the above workshop periods, are also welcome to do so. They are expected to make similar contribution for their stay.


Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs and eating of non-vegetarian food items is not permitted during the entire period of the workshop and during the stay at the centre at any time.

“This whole enquiry is really a profound meditation, not sitting cross legged and doing all kinds of silly stuff. Because then in this total ending creation takes place. Then there is really an extraordinary sense of tremendous passion and energy, which is not a reward.”

- J. Krishnamurti

Registration Form

Krishnamurti Study Workshops
Krishnamurti Education Trust (K.E.T.)
May 2015 – March 2016

Please fill up one form per person.

Telephone No:
Mobile No:
Date of Birth:
Educational Qualification:

Choice of Workshop (Workshop ID):

Participant Category (Just tick your choice):
1. Resident participant
2. Day participant with food (full workshop)
3. Day participant with food (part of the workshop)

Mode of Payment:

Please send the above form duly completed to:
Mr. Kishore Khairnar, Krishnamurti Education Centre (KEC)
Mobile Number: +91 9822600541 (This is also the WhatsApp number).
E-mail: keducationc@gmail.com

OR Just e-mail / SMS / WhatsApp the above information to the above-mentioned e-mail id / mobile no.

Note: If you have filled up this form for any of the workshops organised by KEC in the past, you do not have to fill it up again unless you want to change the information provided earlier.