KET Summer Gathering May 2018

Education for Human Transformation

Theme: The Power of Now - Living in the Present
Summer Gathering (English)

Thursday, 24 May — Monday, 28 May, 2018

The present, as we pointed out, contains all time. The present is not only the past, all the memories, all the incidents, stored in the brain, recorded, but that past is now also. It is fairly obvious. And the future is what is now. The future will be exactly, perhaps slightly modified, is in the present, in the now. So what one is now one will be tomorrow, a thousand tomorrows. And if there is no fundamental radical psychological revolution - not evolution - a revolution, a mutation, deep fundamental change, tomorrow will be exactly what we are now. So all time, the past, the present and the future is contained in the now. This is not a theory, not a speculative philosophical concept, but an actuality.
                                                                                               —J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti Education Trust proposes to hold its summer gathering at Ootacamund ('Udhagamandalam' or Ooty in short) during May 24 - 28, 2018. What is the significance of now and how it has the potential to change our life for all time to come will be explored during this gathering.

In May-June 1948, Krishnamurti had lived in Ooty and the 'process' he underwent at Ojai, California in 1922, continued to happen in milder form at Ooty in 1948. The house where he lived still exists and the pathway he walked is now a well-built road. The Nilgiri forest on the slopes of adjacent hills, fortunately still exists.

Ooty is a very popular hill station in the state of Tamilnadu and a preferred tourist destination in the month of May. It is located 86 km north of Coimbtore and 158 km south of Mysore. It's elevation of  7,350 feet above sea level makes it pleasantly cool in May with the day temperatures in the range of 17-22 degree Celsius.

The gathering participants will be accommodated in the YWCA guest house. The accommodation consists of moderately furnished rooms shared by 2 persons per room. The cost of stay and food for the entire period of the gathering will be around Rs. 7,000/- per person. Considering the peak tourist season in the month of May, this is the lowest cost possible.

In order to reserve your place in the gathering, you have to just fill up the registration form below and mail it to us. You do not have to send any payment now. You will be informed as to when to send the payment. Since there are only very limited places available at the guest house, the total number of participants is restricted to sixty. The registrations will be accepted on the first come first served basis. Therefore to ensure your place you have to send your registration as early as possible.

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