KEC Annual Gathering October 2019


Theme: Yoga of J. Krishnamurti
Annual Gathering (English/Hindi)

Thursday, 17 October — Monday, 21 October, 2019

"Yoga doesn't mean merely to keep your body healthy, normal, active, intelligent. But also it meant, the meaning of that word in Sanskrit means 'join together.' Joining the higher and the lower. I don't know who joins it, but that's the tradition. And also there are various forms of yoga. But the highest form is called raja yoga, which is the king of yogas. There that system, or that way of living was concerned not merely with the physical wellbeing, but also much more strict psychologically. There was no discipline, no system, nothing to be repeated day after day. But to have a brain that is in order, that is all the time active - not chattering, but active... So to have a very deeply, orderly, moral, ethical life, not just merely take various postures but to lead a very moral, ethical, disciplined life, that was the real meaning of the highest form of yoga. Thereby you kept the body healthy. Body was not first, of primary importance. What was of primary importance was to have a brain, a mind, a wellbeing, that is clear, active - not in the sense of movement, but in itself active, alive, full of vitality."

"Yoga means skill in action, it isn't just doing certain things - the skill in action implies no effort. When you do the exercises - any form of effort involved, that is not yoga. Therefore you do it easily, and the regularity of it depends on the sensitivity of the body." 

                                                               —J. Krishnamurti


The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to join, and is often interpreted as union of the lower with the higher. The Indian sage Patanjali outlines eight limbs of yoga: 1. yama (restraint), 2. niyama (observance), 3. asana (posture), 4. pranayama (breathing), 5. pratyahara (withdrawl of senses), 6. dharana (concentration), 7. dhyana (meditation), 8. samadhi (liberation). Today, most people practicing yoga are engaged in the third limb, i.e. asana, which is a programme of physical postures designed to purify the body and provide the physical strength and stamina required for long periods of meditation. Although yoga has done lot of good in terms of physical and mental health, it has not brought about the psychological transformation of human beings. Krishnamurti talks about attention, meditation and perception leading to human transformation. To understand yoga in the context of Krishnamurti's teaching is the main theme of this gathering. This is not going to be a comparative study of what the yoga-sutras say and what Krishnamurti says. But each limb of yoga will be explored sufficiently deeply to find out whether we end up with what Krishnamurti is talking about. It is interesting to note that Krishnamurti did practise yogasanas on a regular basis to maintain physical fitness but he had his own things to say about the rest of the things. It is hoped that explorations during the gathering will help the participants understand yoga in the context of their daily living leading to a more significant and meaningful life. Relevant excerpts from Krishnamurti's books will be provided as a study material to each participant. There will also be practical sessions.

Aurovalley Ashram Campus near Haridwar


The gathering will be conducted mainly in English. However if the participants so wish, Hindi will also be used during lectures and interactive sessions to clarify some points. For group dialogues, there will be separate English and Hindi groups. The gathering programme is given below:

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Arrival of the participants, registration and distribution of the study materials, settling and getting acquainted with the place, rest.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 18, 19, 20, 2019

06:00 – 06:45 Morning Tea

06:45 – 07:30 Yoga Excercises

08:00 – 09:00  Morning Breakfast

09:00 - 09:30   Chanting and Silence Session

09:30 - 11:00   Lecture English / Hindi

11:00 – 11:30  Tea Break

11:30 - 13:00   Video of J. Krishnamurti in English, explained briefly in Hindi

13:00 – 14:00  Lunch

14:30 - 16:00   Group Dialogues (English/Hindi)

16:00 - 16:30   Evening Tea

16:30 - 19:30   Free Time / Evening Walks

19:00 – 20:00  Dinner

Monday, October 21. 2019

06:00 – 07:00 Morning Tea

08:00 – 09:00  Morning Breakfast

09:00 - 09:30   Chanting and Silence Session

09:30 - 11:00   Concluding Session with a short Video of J. Krishnamurti

11:00 – 11:30  Tea

13:00 – 14:00  Lunch

14:30               Departure

Note: Krishnamurti's videos will be shown only in English. However if the participants so desire, the contents of the videos will be explained briefly in Hindi as well. The programme in detail will be available to all the registered participants on their arrival at Aurovalley Ashram. 

A lecture/Discussion in session in one of the KEC Gatherings at Nashik


The gathering will take place in the picturesque campus of Aurovalley Ashram located near the village Raiwala off the Rishikesh - Haridwar Highway. The Exact address is: Aurovalley Ashram, Rishidwar - Raiwala, Pin - 249205, District Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. The Ashram is just 15 minutes walk from the River Ganga. The landscape and the climate of the Ashram make for an ideal place for retreat and inward exploration. 

Himalayan Hills visible from Aurovalley Ashram


Participants will be accommodated in the numerous rooms located in the Ashram Campus. Each room has either 1 double size bed or 2 single size beds. Each room has its own toilet-bathroom unit attached to it. Each unit has a western style commode, a shower and one wash-basin. Two persons will be sharing a room. However few single occupancy rooms are also available. Each room is furnished with cupboards, table and chairs. Mattresses, pillows and corresponding linen will be provided. Blankets will be provided to each participant; however participants may bring their own  chadar/shawl to cover themselves during sleep. Hot water for bath will be available. Groups can be accommodated in adjacent rooms if they so request at the time of registration.

Inside view of the Circular Building where the participants will be accommodated


Wholesome vegetarian food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea will also be served at different times.


Climate at Haridwar is dry and moderately cool in October with temperatures ranging around 17oC - 34oC throughout the day.  

Programme Hall at Aurovalley Ashram


Participants are expected to arrive by lunch time or any time after that on Thursday, 17th October and depart in the afternoon post lunch on Monday, 21st October.


Haridwar is one of the seven holiest Hindu places (Sapta-Puri) of India. This ancient city is in the State of Uttarakhand about 52 kms from Dehradun and 23 kms from Rishikesh in the southern direction. It is here that the sacred river Ganga after flowing for 253 kms from its source at Gaumukh in Himalayas enters the plains of Northern India - hence its ancient name Gangadwaar. The city is known for its innumerable temples, Yoga-Ashrams and Kumbhamela - a holy Hindu congregation which happens once in 12-years at Haridwar. This city is 314 metres above mean sea level and lies on the bank of Ganga. The village Raiwala is located between Haridwar and Rishikesh and is also the nearest railway station for Aurovalley Ashram. However all the fast trains do not halt at Raiwala station. Therefore participants travelling by train are advised to get down at Haridwar station and board another train which stops at Raiwala or take an auto-rikshaw or taxi at Haridwar station and directly reach the Aurovalley Ashram. Shared taxies and auto-rikshaws are also available from Haridwar to Raiwala. Dehradun is well connected by railways with many major cities in India and all the trains to Dehradun pass through Haridwar. The nearest Air-port to Aurovalley Ashram is the Dehradun Air-port which is again well connected with most of the major cities in India, as various airlines operate regular flights to Dehradun. Haridwar can also be reached by bus or taxi from Delhi. Participants can book a pre-paid taxi at the Dehradun Air-port to reach the Ashram. Further travel information if required can be provided  to all the participants once they have registered for the gathering.  

Outside view of the Circular Building where the participants will be accommodated


In order to attend the gathering, one has to register one's name with KEC. The gathering can be attended only as a resident participant. The contributions as per the type of accommodation are given below. The contributions are per person and for the entire period of the gathering. Persons wanting to attend the part of the gathering are also expected to pay the full contribution. The contribution covers the cost of food and accommodation for one person for the entire period of the gathering. It also covers the cost of stationery given to each participant.

1. Room with double occupancy: Rs. 5,500/- per person.

2. Room with single occupancy: Rs. 6,400/- per person.

The contribution will be non-refundable after registration but is transferable to another individual. It will be refunded if your name is not registered because of lack of space. The contribution can be directly deposited in the KEC Bank account by cheque/cash/netbanking. The details of the bank account are as given below:

Name of the Bank: Bank of Maharashtra, Branch: Bavdhan, Pune – 411021, Branch Code: 1385, IFSC Code: MAHB0001385, Account Name: Krishnamurti Education Centre, Account Number: 60330738251, Account Type: Savings Bank.

After making such a contribution please send us the following information by e-mail or sms.

Name of the participant, amount deposited, date of deposition, nature of transaction (cash/cheque/transfer/internet banking). You also have to fill up the registration form accompanied with this brochure. However if you have filled up this form for any of the gatherings/workshops organised by KEC in the past, you do not have to fill it up again unless you want to change the information provided earlier. You can e-mail or whatsapp the information asked in the form or send a scanned copy of the filled up form as an attachment to the e-mail. The confirmation of registration will be done telephonically and/or by e-mail/SMS/Whatsapp on receipt of the payment and the registration form.

Interior of a room with one double bed at Aurovalley Ashram


Extra stay will be possible at Aurovalley Ashram both before and after the gathering. The stay before the gathering is possible only from 15th October onwards and can extend beyond  the gathering for any number of days depending on the availability of the rooms. To ensure the reservation for extra stay, it is advisable that it is booked at the time of registration for the gathering. Once the dates and type of accommodation for the extra stay are fixed, the information regarding extra contribution for the same will be conveyed to the concerned participants who then can deposit them in KEC account.

Interior of a room with two single beds at Aurovalley Ashram


Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs and eating of non-vegetarian food is not permitted in the Ashram premises. 

A walk-way at Aurovalley Ashram


Since the gathering is being organised on a no profit and no loss basis, the registration fee has been kept as low as possible. In such a situation a shortfall of funds is inevitable. The participants are welcome to contribute to meet such a shortfall. Donations are also welcome in support of the educational activities of KEC. All such contributions/donations may be made by Cash/Cheque/DD/Netbanking directly to Krishnamurti Education Centre's bank account.


It is suggested that the participants should bring walking shoes, torchlight, mosquito repellants, a light shawl/chadar/sweater, soaps, towels and other items of their personal use. 

Entrance to the Circular Building 


1. This gathering is organised by Krishnamurti Education Centre which is a non-commercial, non-political and non-governmental organisation formed to carry out the work around J. Krishnamurti’s Teachings. It is more a movement than a static organisation distinct from other Krishnamurti Organisations.

2. There are no pre-conditions to attend the gathering. A person may or may not have read Krishnamurti. There is no selection process. Persons of any caste, religion, nationality, race and culture can participate.

3. Although the gathering will be held basically in English, Hindi will also be used for the persons having difficulty in understanding/speaking English. There will be Discussion Groups in both the languages, Participants are welcome to join any language group as per their choice and preference.

4. Books of J. Krishnamurti in English and Hindi will be available for sale during the gathering.

Mango Grove 


To register your name for the gathering and for any further information about it

please contact us on these contact details:

Name: 1. Mr. Kishore Khairnar

Address: E-1204, Asawari, Nanded City, Sinhagad Road, Pune-411068, Maharashtra, India

Mobile: +91 8149928500, 9822600541 (WhatsApp)

E-mail: Website:

2. Name: Mr. Venu Gopal Rao, Mobile/Whatsapp: 9441887147   

A Discussion Room


One registration form for one person only

1. Name:                                                                                  

2. Address:

3. Mobile No:

4. E-mail:                                                                                

5. Nationality:

6. Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):                                             

7. Gender:                  

8. Educational Qualification:

9. Occupation:

10. Type of Accommodation:

      10.1 Room with double occupancy

      10.2 Room with single occupancy

11. Extra Stay (Please mention the dates and type of accommodation)

12. Any special instructions regarding your stay during the Gathering:

13. Mode of Payment: (Please give details of cheque, DD or bank transaction.)